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Sulphuric (32 bit ver. -  

A software for simulation/design of Sulphuric Acid plant and equipment 
Heat Exchanger
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This module is for design/simulation of various type of heat exchangers viz. Shell & Tube, Finned Tube, Double Pipe etc. The program automatically takes care of phase change calculations and carry out calculations for Boiling, Condensation etc.

 Calculate Surface Area

Once all the data has been entered, this is used to calculate the performance of the heat exchanger.

Simulate Exchanger performance

For a specified heat exchanger details and process fluid parameters at the inlet of exchanger, this will simulate the exchanger performance and give the outlet streams after heat transfer.

 Temperature Profile

This module also takes care of heat balance just as before. Only thing
is that you have to fill in details of shell side stream and tube side
stream for inlet as well as outlet. You can leave the value to be
calculated as zero. In case of simulation you can leave the value of
both outlet temperatures as zero. Depending upon number of degrees of
freedom, the program does the heat balance. In heat exchanger module you
can try lot of things, including graphical temperature profile etc.